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Born in Los Angeles, Lacy studied Art at Chovinard Art Institute, Kann Art Institute, Otis Art Institute, University of California at Los Angeles and Universita’ per Stranieri, in Italy.  

In addition to garning scores of solo exhibitions, his prints and paintings have gained inclusion in hundreds of juried exhibitions throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. 
His work has been recognized with awards from the Huntington Hartford Foundation , The National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, San Diego Watercolor International Exhibition, The Brand Art Galleries and the Kansas Pastel Society.
Ernest Lacy’s work is represented in many public collections, including the Library of Congress, The Philadelphia Free Library Collection, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Long Beach Museum of Art and the City of Los Angeles.

His work in featured in private collections of Bill Cosby Jr., Patrick Duffy, and other collectors throughout the United States, Mexico, Italy, England, Germany, Sweden and Finland.
Corporate commissions include The Hilton Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas, Indian Wells Hotel, Indian Wells, California, Clarige Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the Huntsville Marriot, Huntsville, Alabama.

Principally concerned with the intricacies of form and the dynamics of saturated color, Lacy injects celebratory passion into his spontaneous and searching use of varied media, confidently deployed in the expression of his personal artistic freedom. The result is a completely fresh approach to color, a vocabulary of the Artist’s own invention, enabling him to portray ordinary life whether desert landscapes, garden scenes, Central American villages or the nude human form as if we are seeing it for the first time.

From the controlled spontaneity of his charming watercolors and the studied glazed layers of his masterly oil paintings, to the impulsive sensuality of his intimate monotypes, Lacy transforms everyday subjects into magnificent designs of form and color, conveying a feeling of superb organization through the intuitive exploration of saturated hues. What emerges as one traces the evolving technique of Lacy’s prodigious output is an almost palpable sense of the joy of discovery which energizes the artist’s tireless commitment to find the truest expression of his artistic vision.

Artist Statement

I feel the need to express the sense of inherent order in the clutter and chaos of the daily world about me.  I want to report and rejoice in what I see.
Beauty is everywhere present, a flower stall in the marketplace with colors that saturate the senses, spherical fruits contained by a wooden edge, chaos held in check by pressured plums, infinite skies anchored by the clutter of boats in the harbor, intuitive order seen in an instant. Color is my tool, the dynamics of my brush,describing the tensions that tie together the disparent threads for a dramatic and satisfying whole.

I think of all form as transparent.

I want the first stroke on the surface as a visible part of the finished image, the final statement a compendium of all marks, strokes, and pigment used to reveal the emerging truth of the human form, the complex landscape, and the authority of a Morandi still life.

To celebrate the beauty of every connected cell. vein, artery, and muscle, to experience the awesome complexity of all body parts is to celebrate life in its glorious and profound originality, is to celebrate the human body as the source of all great art.

Statement for “Dance”

The images in these series of paintings are the development of several years of drawing from the nude at Rio Hondo College. To execute a series of from the scores of drawings done in the classroom was furthest from my mind, but suddenly I felt the necessity of paint on canvas. This is a step I have never taken, painting the nude in oil on canvas.

On paper, yes, hundred of drawings in watercolor, conte, pastels, and pen and ink, but never the plasticity of oil on canvas. My first and only canvas, painted without instruction at age seventeen, was god-awful. Models were safe from my brush for another sixty years.

I realize now I was terrified of making an irrevocable mistake.

With the current group of canvases, I have made as many mistakes as possible, and rejoiced!

Returning to oils, the freedom I felt was wonderful. The canvases poured forth, unpremeditated and unplanned, except for the initial charcoal drawing on the canvas. The color was also unpremeditated (green legs...really!) and flesh tones were never considered.

The armature, the completed drawings, stood still while I tried different color combinations that I had never sued before in this new/old medium. With oils, second and third thoughts, color over color to enhance or subdue, the medium is utterly flexible.

The abstract shapes created by the overlapping lines took over and asserted their independence. I simply followed their commands, whims, and impulses, trying not to interfere with the creative process. I had no preconceived idea as to what the finished canvas should look like.

All completed canvases come from specific models I have worked with, each model a unique expression of inner dynamics. Where does the energy come from? The light source within, some poses are fiery, or taut, or subdued.

For me, the two to five minutes poses were the most challenging and the most productive  as I sat, drawing furiously. 

How long does it take to paint a canvas? The current series, “Dancers” went amazingly fast, a large canvas to start to finish in two weeks, a record for me. Some surfaces asked for two or three months of development before feeling complete but on the whole, my brush had wings.

Location has always been a creative stimulus for me, beginning with six months in Oaxaca in 1963, where I painted my first plein-air series on canvases. Following was Italy, exploring Umbria, Perugia, Sicily and Venice, and then central Mexico, the fishing villages of Portugal were a contrast to lush Maui, and then of course my Whittier garden.

Marcel Duchamp’s 1912 masterpiece, “Nude descending a staircase” has been a seminal influence in my work. Since seeing a reproduction in 1947, in which the image depicted successive movements of a single body, I have been fascinated and challenged to presented the body in dynamic movement.

My retirement as a painter is in the distant future, as I have many projects yet to complete. A series of landscapes of Whittier’s Greenway, a return to the small still life with a single flower, as in Manet’s last canvases, and other projects are waiting their turn.

Picasso, Miro, and Titian all worked into thier nineties, and Louise Bourgeois was accepting commissions for civic sculptures at ninety-five.

I honor these great artists and I will follow in their footsteps.

September 16, 2011


Education                                                                                       Field of Study

Universita’ per stranieri (Perugia, Italia) 1965                                Italian Art History   
University of California, Los Angeles      1957-1958                      Fine Arts
OTIS Art Institute. Los Angeles, Ca.       1956-1960                      Fine Arts
Kann Insitute of Art. Los Angeles, Ca.    1951- 1954                     Fine Arts
Chouinard Art Institute. Los Angeles.      1949- 1951                     Fine Arts
Community College Limited Service Credential, # 178LAC003

Professional Positions

2000-2008   Instructor, Cerritos College, Norwalk, California
1996            Art Consultant, Gifted and Talented Education Program. Santa Ana School District.
1989-1993   Instructor, Cerritos College, Norwalk, California.
1987-2002   Art Consultant, Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, California State          
                    University at Los Angeles.
1984-1985   Instructor, Rio Hondo College, Whittier, California.
1981            Art Consultant, Gifted and Talented Education Program, Whittier City School District.
1974-1975   Instructor, Cerritos Community College, Norwalk, California.
1974            Instructor, California State University at Los Angeles.
1969-1973   Artist in Residence. Whittier College, California.
1968-1969   Rustic Canyon Arts and Crafts, City of Los Angeles. Santa Monica, California.
1962            Instructor, Chouinard Art Institute. Los Angeles, California.  

Gallery Representations

Lev Moross Gallery, Los ANgeles, California.
The Gallery on Glassel, Orange, California.
Heritage Gallery, Pacific Palisades, California.
Art Rental Gallery, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los ANgeles, California.
Niemann-Hayeden Fine Art, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Selected Collections

Champion Chemical Company, Whittier, California.
Law Offices of Brown and Wood, Los Angeles, California.
United Services Automobile Association Federal Savings Bank, Houston, Texas.
United Services Automobile Association/Sacramento Branch Office, Sacramento, California.
Allen Shrivers, Austin, Texas.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mithoff, Houston, Texas.
Whittier Radisson, Whittier, California.
Indian Wells Hotel, Indian Wells, California.
Stephen- Berg, Lasater & Rodgers, Los Angeles, California.
Library of Congress, Pennel Print Collection, District of Columbia.
Philadelphia Free Library, Print Collection, Pennsylvania.
Bay Printmakers’ Society, Oakland Art Museum, California.
California State Fair.
Pasadena Art Museum, California.
Long Beach Museum of Art, California.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California.
Municipal Art department, City of Los Angeles, California.
Downey Museum of Art, California.
Sierra Madre Library, California.
Los Angeles Printmaking Society, California.
Represented in private and corporate collections nationally as well as Mexico, Sweden, England and Germany.

Recent professional activity

2011   Dance, the kinetic figure. Recent oils by Ernest Lacy. Shannon Center Gallery. Whittier College.
           Whittier, Ca 90602
2011   Paintings, by Ernest Lacy. Bluebird Art House. Whittier, Ca, 90601

2010   Ernest Lacy. Artist of the Year. 50th Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. La Habra Heights. Ca, 90631
2010   Recent oils of Ernest Lacy. Group Exhibit. George Stern Fine Art. West Hollywood, Ca 90069
2010   World Travels Cerritos Library. Cerritos, California.
2010   Churches, Crosses and Cathedrals, Glassel Gallery. Orange, California.

2009   Out there, Gallery 825, Los ANgeles, CA.
2009   Man’s Inhumanity to Man: Journey Out of Darkness, Brand Library and Gallery, Glendale, CA.
2009   International Art Fair, The Pasadena Center, Pasadena, CA.

2008   Brand 37, Works on Paper, Brand Library and Gallery, Glendale, CA.
2008   Invitational Exhibit, 49th Hillcrest Festival of the Arts, La Habra Heights, CA
2008   Featured Artist, 4th Annual Community Arts Showcase Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation
           Whittier College, Whittier, CA.